Starfighter Renegade

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Starfighter Renegade is a single player, 3rd person, arcade style aerial combat game.

Swoop, twist and boost your Starfighter through unique landscapes, defending them from the invading alien threats!

  • Easy to play Alien blasting action!
  • Encounter a wide range of Alien fighters to battle.
  • Stop the spread of the deadly terraforming virus.
  • Rescue local inhabitants before the Aliens can enslave them.
  • Choose which combination of weaponry, gadgets and strategy will get you the highest score.


Who Are you?

Hi, I’m Mikey. I’ve been in the games industry since 1997, and I currently work full time for a AAA game developer who very kindly gave me permission to pursue this personal project.

When will the game be out?

I’m aiming for mid-to-end of 2021. Most of the remaining time will be used for adding more enemies and polish.

How much will it cost?

I’ve not decided yet, but I’m hoping to keep it pretty inexpensive. More aligned to something from the lunch menu than a fancy dinner!

Did you make everything yourself?

Everything except the music and the font, both of which are Creative Commons licensed. My hope is that if the game does well enough I’ll be able to share with the creators.

How long is the game?

There are 50 levels, and each level is ~3-5 minutes, so around 3-4 hours to play through everything. However, the levels are replayable, so potentially much longer.

How can I help?

  • Adding the game to your Steam Wishlist, this helps a lot.
  • Signing up for the launch day email would be appreciated.
  • Sharing on social media would be amazing too.

Have a question?

Send me an email at