Starfighter Neon Review!

Someone took the time to write a review of Starfighter Neon.

I like how they seem to get the idea behind the game (keep it simple, it is what it is) – and they do mention a few valid points. I’m already working on a 1.2 update which will hopefully resolve a few of the issues raised, and there will be more updates with more content in the future!

Watch this space 🙂

Starfighter Neon Review – A Modest Arcade SHMUP

What’s been happening?

Hi there.

Starfighter Neon is looking good. This is going to be my first Steam game (everything else has been iOS for many years).

It’s been quite an adventure learning how to integrate the game and setup the games pages, but today I finally pressed the review button, so assuming things go Ok there should be a coming soon page for it any day!

I’m aiming to have the game testing and balancing done shortly and looking for a release sometime in December! Let’s see how that goes.